Juanita Shiel​d-Lai​gnel   MFHT

Hamptonne Heritage Herb Garden 2020

Natural H​ealth​, Healing & Wholeness​​​

'That Which We Seek Is Authentic Self'

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About Juanita Shield-Laignel

Juanita lives in the beautiful island of Jersey with her husband, two sons and two rescued Greyhounds.

A Writer, Artist and Holistic Therapist, Juanita began her quest for natural health, personal healing and wholeness during the early 90s when a close friend gifted her a small box of essential oils and a book with the title ‘The Art of Aromatherapy’ by Robert Tisserand. Enchanted not only by the romance and aromas of oils but more importantly enthralled by the health benefits, Juanita soon qualified in Anatomy & Physiology and Swedish Massage; a prerequisite to most other hands on therapies. Extensive training in Aromatherapy followed and Healing Touch was born.

Before long Juanita was also able to offer Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Herbal and Nutritional consultations to her ever increasing client base. After eight years of therapy work, Juanita took a healing sabbatical and her life took a slightly different direction culminating in meeting her wonderful husband whilst engaged in charity work, two gorgeous children and more recently, two very cheeky rescued Greyhounds. Meanwhile Juanita had added Creative Writing and Reiki Healing to her repertoire. Juanita is now a professional Writer, Editor and Artist and with her love of words, art and healing therapies, has brought these passions together for the betterment of life and self-development and helping others to find their true calling.  Juanita gives regular talks on 'Natural Health, Healing & Wholeness'.

Juanita says “We are all so multi-dimensional, multi-faceted and capable of indomitable multi-tasking, there is a danger of becoming too disparate in our every days lives. On the flip side; accepting and moving forward with all the things that bring us joy and not denying any part of ourselves…seeking and becoming our most authentic self…is what makes us truly whole and naturally healthy.”

About Spir-Art

I have always loved creating; painting, drawing, writing, sewing and so on! As a child I would lose myself in art as a way of shutting out the world. Focusing on detail gave my busy mind some respite and often I found myself drawing things from nature. Today I enjoy abstract art and like to work on large pieces but also try to incorporate my other passions of holistic health and healing, the garden and my family including my two rescued hounds."

"I’ve always played with words and language and been fascinated by the propensity for so many English words to have more than one meaning...it makes for great fun. So it only seemed natural that one day I would find my calling to write as a career. At the age of 39, just after my son was born, I decided to exercise (or was it exorcise) ‘Mummy brain’ and started a creative writing course. I haven’t looked back...several years later; I have written hundreds of magazine articles, interviewed many fascinating people and written my first book 'Occupation Reconciliation' and have recently undertaken to ghost-write the life story of a business man with an exceptional story to tell. It has been through interviewing other people that I truly came into the knowing that ~ “What we do naturally and easily, is oft that which we are called to do.” 

About Healing Touch​

"For many years I ran my own holistic health business, Healing Touch (registered trading name of Juanita shield-Laignel) from my then home in St Ouen, offering hands on therapies. I still incorporate this aspect in my work today; promoting Natural Health, Healing & Wholeness through a combination of healing techniques, holistic touch therapies, nutrition and supplementation, essential oils, self-care, meditation, mindfulness and creativity and teach the Natural Health, Healing & Wholeness techniques I have accumulated over the years."

About WhollyHerbs

"From a young age I had an affinity with herbs; growing them, learning about them and using them both medicinally and for culinary purposes .  Peppermint, sage, rosemary, lavender and so on...I've always found the romance and the science of plant based medicine absolutely fascinating and appreciate that like botany and horticulture at large, there is always something more to learn. I am so captivated by herbs and plant medicine, it behoves me to study Herbalism with the aim of one day becoming a fully fledged Herbalist."  

Juanita has sought the highest quality essential oils and herbal products for her own personal use and to extend to family, friends and clients...


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