Juanita Shiel​d-Lai​gnel   MFHT

Hamptonne Heritage Herb Garden 2020

Natural H​ealth​, Healing & Wholeness​​​

'That Which We Seek Is Authentic Self'

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Habits of Wholeness

* Health is about so many things; often we think of it just in terms of being physically healthy, free from disease...but it is so very much more.  Learning to slow down, to relax, to rest and all at the appropriate time; interspersed with action, pro-activity, creativity and doing.  Fine tuning our habits and routines for maximum benefit requires practice and experience - a trying of this way and that to figure out 'that way does not work but this way does' and vice-versa - wholeness takes time, and patience to work through the process is needed...and of course, as with growing and gaining knowledge, one realises, we are never truly finished...there is always more we can learn or come to know or work through...




*Family & Friends

*Mental Health



*Hands on Therapies


*Social Responsibility



*Financial Flow

All of the above Juanita considers to be important aspects of overall health - go to blog page for further information on the above.  This list will grown and develop over time....