Juanita Shiel​d-Lai​gnel   MFHT

Hamptonne Heritage Herb Garden 2020

Natural H​ealth​, Healing & Wholeness​​​

'That Which We Seek Is Authentic Self'

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These are the product brands I use every day and just wouldn't be without...

Tropic SkinCare

After years of using natural kitchen products such as olive and coconut oil on my skin, I was absolutely thrilled to eventually find TROPIC Skincare...plant derived, vegan, ethical and via social selling it just fits so perfectly into my business and personal remit. I love these products!

Nature's Sunshine Nutrition

I have been using, advocating, learning about, talking about and selling with success, Nature's Sunshine Products for about 25 years.  It was whilst studying Reflexology our Tutor invited a lady called Enid de Gruchy to talk about NSP and I was hooked.  Vitamins, herbs and other nutritional products that immediately added another layer of health to my life...

Young Living Essential Oils

Having qualified as a Clinical Aromatherapist in 1993, I have used several brands of essential oils over the years.  Natural by Nature was the first; the packaging worked really well with my own branding and I derived benefit from the oils. Tisserand seemed a natural choice too but in recent years I discovered YOUNG LIVING and am blown away by the next level of therapeutic benefit these products afford.

Lily & Loaf Products

NSP in recent years passed over their distribution gauntlet to an amazing company called Lily & Loaf.  Lily & Loaf also distribute Pet products and vitamins for children.  I  have access to all Lily & Loaf products.