Juanita Shiel​d-Lai​gnel   MFHT

Hamptonne Heritage Herb Garden 2020

Natural H​ealth​, Healing & Wholeness​​​

'That Which We Seek Is Authentic Self'

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Juanita’s wonderful world of natural health, healing & wholeness

It’s all about Herbs, Healing and Wholeness. Mother Nature in her infinite wisdom has provided a panacea for all to harness if they wish. Thriving on natural health and wholeness, Juanita strives to help others who wish to open nature’s apothecary for themselves. Keeping it simple and using a combination of natural methods, herbs, supplements, nutrition, essential oils and creativity, Juanita advocates ‘Natural Health & Wholeness’...

Juanita strives to help others find their true identity by sharing her life’s journey into wholeness. Through workshops, writing, art and the gift of healing through holistic therapies, Juanita promotes oneness, wholeness, a marriage of the self with self in true unity. “Wholeness leads to holiness! When one is filled with the light of one’s own true calling, whatever that may be, one becomes more radiant, vibrant and in tune with the flow of daily life. This brings one closer to the magnificence of Source, the divine in us all. Conversely the more we ignore our true selves, the further away from natural harmony we become and the discord, pain and drudgery of this thing called life, can take us over.”



Habits Of Wholeness